Art, Cars & El Paso Pride: Local Artist Fights to Save Lincoln Park

Nov 01, 2011 1 Comment by David

By David Pacheco

Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time, just ask local artist Josh Arthur.  Somewhere in between walking along the sandy shores of Pacific Beach, riding a ferry across the Puget Sound, or standing in the front row of an Ice Cube concert, Josh Arthur got the inspiration to become an artist.

Now Josh and his local car club are inspired to preserve the nearly 100 year old Lincoln Center which is located near Lincoln Park (the park under the Spaghetti Bowl).

Josh comes from a military family, so he has bounced around from several cities and countries throughout his life, but now at age 34, Josh Arthur proudly calls El Paso home.

“Living in different cities really influenced my artistic style,” said Josh.  Josh spent a majority of his young life living in San Diego; then he moved to Oakland for his first three years of high school.

“In Oakland I learned that graffiti can be art,” explained Josh.  Under the tutelage of several famous Oakland graffiti artists, Josh learned the proper way to express himself through graffiti.  “Graffiti wasn’t accepted back during the early 90’s, but now it has become synonymous with everyday pop culture.”

After finishing his junior year of high school, Josh and his family moved up north to Seattle for his senior year of high school.  “I got into the whole grunge movement,” admitted Josh.  During his time in the upper Northwest, Josh fell in love with nature and music,“I love every aspect of nature; mountains, animals, plants; I could go on and on,” said Arthur.

Nature along with music, have really fueled Josh’s artistic juices.  “Music isn’t just something to dance to,” says Josh.  “If you truly appreciate it, it speaks to your soul; I like to listen to various types of music and turn the pictures it paints in my head into visual art.”

Josh incorporates all of his surrounding influences into each one of his pieces.  He has also been influenced by several of his favorite artists such as James Jean, Mike “Dream” Francisco and Sam Flores.

Pencil and ink are Josh’s preferred media of choice, but he enjoys using Prismacolor pens, markers, colored pencils and acrylic paints.  “Each one lets me express myself in a different way, because each one has their own unique characteristics, which can greatly alter the overall mood of each piece.”

El Paso has had an impactful influence on Josh’s life; “I’m the most Mexican white guy you’ll ever meet,” laughed Josh.  Josh is proud to be Straight Edge, meaning he doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke or use drugs.

He is also proud to be the Treasurer of Destiny Car Club which is a family oriented club that has been supporting the city of El Paso for nearly 15 years now.

Destiny Car Club is a huge advocate for Humane Society of El Paso, as well as the United Blood Services of El Paso, Candle Lighters and now they are a part of the Lincoln Park Conservation Committee.  “I wanted to find a way to give back to the city of El Paso, and I really liked how Destiny is involved in supporting local charities and fund raisers; plus I really like cars.”

As Treasurer, Josh is constantly looking for ways to get Destiny involved in the most current fundraisers in El Paso.  “People often have a negative perception of car clubs, but each one does their own part to give a little bit back to the city.”

Destiny Car Club has already begun collecting toys for the Toys for Tots Foundation and they have been very active in supporting the cause to restore the Lincoln Center.

City Council has plans to demolish the Lincoln Center but Destiny along with the nearby residents believe the center can be restored and turned into a multipurpose center to give nearby children a place to play and study which would help keep them off the streets.  “We have organized multiple car shows at Lincoln Park to help support the cause and to help make improvements not just to the center itself, but to Lincoln Park as well,” explained Josh.

Josh was even asked to help paint one of the many murals that adorn the freeway pillars that give Lincoln Park its distinct look.  “Lincoln Park and center are a part of El Paso that can’t be forgotten about; each plays an important role for aspiring young children.”

Josh Arthur the artist is aspiring to one day open up his own studio, but in the meantime, he hopes to inspire the city of El Paso one piece of artwork at a time.

To view or purchase Josh Arthur’s artwork, please visit his Facebook page.

To learn how you can support the Lincoln Park Conservation Committee, please visit their website at

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  1. Josh Arthur says:

    As the artist featured here I would like to clear up a few misconceptions that people may have after reading this article. I was not in any way asked to contribute artwork for the murals on the pillars in Lincoln Park. My car club (Destiny) made a donation to help fund one of the murals. Our logo can be seen painted on the top of one of them along with the other car clubs that contributed. I would also like to say that Destiny Car Club does not organize the events held in the park. That honor belongs with Latin Pride Car Club and the Lincoln Park Conservation Committee. Destiny Car Club does participate in these events but doesn’t organize them.

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