The Man Essentials: Yes, Zirh

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Words by Farzad Farrokhnia

I felt almost as excited as I used to get in 5th grade when I’d rush home after school to catch old episodes of The Justice League on Cartoon Network. It was only 2pm and I was already well into my work day. I was excited because earlier that day, I had purchased some items that I was very eager to put to the test.

For most of my life [or at least as long as I've been choosing my own grooming products], I’ve been a die-hard drugstore devotee. I’d alternate brands and products every few months so my skin would become too accustomed to any particular ingredient from any given product. As far as I could tell, my system always worked. Aside from some mild redness and sensitivity, I’ve always been lucky to have naturally clear skin. I didn’t go through the teenage zit years like most of my peers. Unfortunately, my pimples became problems in more recent years. Building stress and poor diet choices created lots of problems on my face. It seemed like every week was a new opportunity for my pores to rage against me. At 26, walking into business meetings with pimples the size of Minnesota on your forehead is not face you want to show.

Thanks to a slew of gift cards [acquired through the exchange of some birthday gifts], I made my way to Dillard’s and purchased a lot of new face products. I threw out all the old and stormed in with the new. Never something to catch my eye before, department store cosmetics for men always seemed like a gimmick. I always suspected that they were extremely overpriced and only worth it if you could afford it. I was wrong. The difference with department store grooming goods is the concentration of the product. At a much higher concentration level, much less of the actual product is needed to achieve the desired effect.

Finally, 5pm and time to go home. I rushed up the stairs in my apartment, dumped out the Dillard’s bag on my bed and spent the rest of the afternoon testing out the best of the Zirh Skin Care line. From start to finish, you don’t feel like your doing what would traditionally be called a “beauty regimen.” Everything from the packaging (brushed steel effect with bold blue details) to the scents (from lemony fresh to manly woodsy notes) to the feeling you get once you’ve dried your face makes you feel like a man.

Starting with Zirh Clean, a facial cleanser, I got to work. I noticed how thick the cleanser was and realized that I really shouldn’t have used as much as I did the first time. I lathered up and began to massage it onto my face. It produced quite a substantial amount of lather and I knew that next time, I’d use a smaller amount. (For comparison: the first time, I used a quarter-sized amount, on subsequent uses, I used a dime-sized amount.) The scent was fresh and not overpowering at all. It was clean and lemony, but less in the Pledge kind of way and more like a tall glass of ice-water with lemon. It was, in a word, refreshing. It rinsed clean and left my face feeling oil-free and ready for step 2.

Following Zirh Clean, I tried Scrub. An aloe-based facial scrub to remove any dead skin and prep my face for a close shave. The scent here was much differnet from Clean. It was stronger, muskier and “manlier,” to say the least. I was reminded of Drakkard Noir. Needless to say, it was a scent I did not wish to smell throughout the day. I was happy to discover that it rinsed away quite easily with the rest of the scrub. Just like Clean, Scrub left my face feeling clean and fresh.

It was time for a shave. Zirh Shave had a similar scent to Scrub. Piney, woodsy and overpowering. Again, I was glad when it rinsed away down the sink. The shave it provided was quite a departure from other shaving gels/creams I had tried in the past. To begin with, it was clear — something I had seen from only 1 or 2 previous shave gels. I like this because it lets you see where you’re going and just how much you’ve got to go before you finish up. There was no foam, lather or distraction from achieving a clean shave. The viscosity of the shave gel provided just the right about of lubrication to allow for a smooth, steady shave. There were no nicks, cuts or razor burn to be had with this shave gel. My face was smooth and ready for the next step.

I’ve never been one to use after-shave. I feel that it is an erroneous product that can be tossed without guilt. Those after-shaves that come with cologne gift sets? I toss ‘em and I’ve never looked back. Instead, I opt for a light moisturizer that will help minimize oil and won’t clog my pores. Zirh Protect does these things and it does so with hardly any scent at all. While I initially found it to be a bit too greasy, I discovered that adjusting the amount I used diminished that greasy feeling. I also felt that it was lacking an SPF factor, although I don’t spend enough time in the sun for that to be a huge issue.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend the Zirh Skin Care line. I’ve received many compliments on my skin since I started used it and I’ve noticed some great results. Tighter skin, clearer complexion and not a pimple to speak of. If you’re willing to shell out the cash [I spent almost $150], head out to Dillard’s at Sunland Park to snag some Zirh Skin Care for Men. If you’re not quite ready to make that kind of commitment, they’ll be more than happy to dish out some free samples for you to try before you buy.


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