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Fresh Music Fridays: The Best of 2010

Dec 31, 2010 1 Comment by Tanya

As we bid farewell to 2010, we do with fond memories of hair shaped like telephones, a Kanye West movie, and plenty of Nicki Minaj. We put together some of our top tracks of 2010 for your enjoyment- a few mainstream and a few that you need to hurry and add to your MP3 collection [...]

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Trending Topics: Hyundai Sun Bowl 2011

Dec 30, 2010 No Comments by TSM Staff

First, we felt the influx of Juarez. Next, we were prepared for a dramatic population growth on behalf of Ft. Bliss. But perhaps nowhere in our mind were we prepared for the fanatic pilgrammage that stumbled upon us known as the 2010 Hyundai Sun Bowl. Sure, the folks at Brut had plenty of time to [...]

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WWW Wednesday: GO LOCAL!

Dec 29, 2010 1 Comment by Jessica

You know what we love? Good, supportive, open-minded attitudes. If you love shopping out of town or online, it’s OK because we do too! But don’t forget, there are many local vendors, boutiques and artists creating beautiful things only a few miles away. Go local. El Paso based artist, Silver IsReal recently launched a line [...]

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Monday Munch: Warm Pear Cider

Dec 27, 2010 1 Comment by TSM Staff

Is it us or have the El Paso temps dropped drastically? Sure, we’re not buried in snow like NYC, but coming from a gang who’s used to 70-degree “winters,” to us, this is COLD! Muy Bueno created a delicious warm pear cider (great alternative to apple) and they even show us how to use  to [...]

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What We Want Wednesdays

Dec 22, 2010 No Comments

All week long we dig up the best products for you. Whether you’re looking for that perfect home accent, a new fall outfit, we’ve got you covered. This week, we were feeling a bit vintage. Check out what we found for you this week: For Women: MISSONI TOY WATCH- The White Case Knit Strap New [...]

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More Monday Munch…

Dec 20, 2010 No Comments

A day trip to Ruidoso is the perfect thing to de-stress during the crazy holiday season. A bit of shopping, a bit of nature and a lot of food. Yesterday, we trekked up to Ruidoso for the day to do our next fashion shoot. While you won’t be able to see those pics until our [...]

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Monday Munch: Ensalada De Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Salad)

Dec 20, 2010 No Comments

The beauty of holiday dinners, in my opinion, is the different food options that orchestrate the entire feast. For our family dinners, we’ll usually have a turkey, then sides such as mashed potatoes, my mom’s delicious white rice with green chile and corn (I’ll post recipe soon), cream cheese-stuffed rolls, green salsa and on some [...]

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Fresh Music Fridays: Holiday Music

Dec 17, 2010 No Comments

There’s nothing like a cheerful and classic song list to get you in the mood for shopping, wrapping, and plenty of Christmas cheer. Take a peek below at some of our all time favorites. Don’t forget to also take a peak at our Christmas Decorating Tips & the 2010 TSM Gift Guide. TSM HOLIDAY SUGGESTIONS: [...]

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Trending Topics: El Paso is 21st Best Shopping City

Dec 16, 2010 No Comments

Move over NYC, Seattle and San Francisco – El Paso is where the real deals are. With 2,334 retail locations, 13 shopping centers and a comfortable 8.25% sales tax, locals are sitting pretty with plenty of places to choose from when deciding where to spend that paycheck. For those on budget there are plenty of [...]

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WWW Wednesdays

Dec 15, 2010 No Comments

On athletes, on entertainers, on bacon-lovers and sci-fi nerds, this week’s WWW Wednesday list was made just for you! Because you already know what your New Year’s resolution is, why not start shopping now? Men & Women’s athletic gear, available at lululemon.  Whether you love entertaining or want to add unique touches to your pad, [...]

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